Workshop on Sustainable Cities and Green Neighborhoods


Workshop on Sustainable Cities and Green Neighborhoods
October 27, 2010 - 10.30 To 17.00 Hours

Sustainable cities are designed targeting minimal socio-economic impacts of the city on its surrounding environment which means minimal energy and resource wastage, sustainable utilization of natural resources and controlled pollution and degradation of environmental elements. The concept of eco-city has percolated down time with other terms like green cities, eco-cities, green neighborhoods; the crux of which remains the same; to impose the least ecological and carbon footprint and thus waiver the city’s contribution towards imminent Climate Change scenarios of the earth.

With increasing globalization and urbanization the population in all countries is showing a growing trend towards migration to cities. Cities have become the heart of all socio-economic activities and thereby bring upon immense stress on environmental elements; hence the need to address sustainability is the need of the day. India with fast economic growth and a burgeoning population has already been afflicted these changes. The needs of 21st century cities in India align with huge demands on natural resources and increased pollution and degradation. In tandem with current flow of socio-economic development necessary steps have already been taken to check the impending threats by the Government, organizations, institutions and individuals alike.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India has been the forerunner in conceptualization and implementation of various schemes, policy frameworks, subsidy schemes, workshops and conferences to streamline and upscale the use of alternate sources of energy and attain energy self-sufficiency in cities. One of the recent highlights of MNRE programme is the “Development of Solar Cities Programme” which targets the development of 60 Indian cities into renewable energy and energy efficient cities. The roadmap master plans for few cities have already been prepared and discussions for its implementation are underway. A  pioneer when it comes to  working with Local Governments, International Council for Local environmental Initiative-Local government for sustainability-South Asia (ICLEI-South Asia) is one of the primary non-governmental organizations to help many approved Solar cities develop their Roadmap Solar city Master Plans. Not only this but ICLEI-South Asia has been making considerable contribution in  the field of sustainable development, climate change, urban environment, environment management systems tools application in many cities in South Asia. Like ICLEI-South Asia, The Energy Resources Institute (TERI) has also been associated with the MNRE under various sustainable schemes and policy. TERI has advocated the concept of sustainability and eco-drives through various capacity building measures, education and training. TERI has vociferously advocated the green buildings concept and conceived GRIHA (Green rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) which is jointly developed with MNRE, GOI. It is a green building 'design evaluation system', and is suitable for all kinds of buildings in different climatic zones of the country.

MNRE, ICLEI-SA, Mira Balis, BEE and TERI joined in collaboration to propose a one day parallel event on the sidelines of DIREC 2010 on 27th October 2010 on “Sustainable Cities and Green Neighborhoods”. With the relevant experience on sustainability, environment, energy and habitat assessment this parallel event will be a great platform to showcase the activities of local authorities, civil society, and renewable energy role players and develop and insinuate further ideas, concepts and solutions to further extend the green cause.

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