Workshop on 3rd International Biofuels India 2010


Workshop on 3rd International Biofuels India 2010
October 28, 2010 - 9.00 To 17.30 Hours

Biofuels are gaining awareness as one possible solution to address the increasing Climate change and Energy security concerns. The amount of emission reductions that can be achieved through the use of biofuels varies widely, depending on choices made at each step from feedstock selection and production t through final fuel use.

With the increasing global consciousness and other favorable policies in various nations like renewable Energy Directives (RED) of European Union, renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) of US etc., India with the sustainable green policy needs to position in the global arena with special reference to Technologies & Investment.

Biofuels India 2010 will be an important platform in terms of giving complete insight to various stakeholders of the entire value chain and understanding the specific area of interventions. Biofuels India 2010 is specially designed to address the needs of different types Biofuels stakeholders like: Policy makers & Government Officials, Biofuels Business players, Technology Providers and Equipment Manufacturer, Financial institutions, and Research organizations.

Focus of the Summit

  • Capacity of Biofuels and future demand.
  • Technical issues surrounding the logistics, receipt, storage and blending of Biofuels
  • Investment, production and Technologies trends in advance Biofuels Technologies
  • Economic sustainability of Biofuels
  • Potential of Various Biofuels Technologies in major economies
  • Strategies implemented to increase the productivity of resources
  • Market development in Biofuels

Aim & Scope

  • International and National Experience on Biofuels
  • Advanced Biofuels Technologies
  • Sustainable Production of Biofuels
  • Sustainable Application of Biofuels
  • CEOs Panel Discussion on "Green Biofuels"

For further detail, please contact:
Mr Surender Rai
Mobile: +91 9350293635

No. Theme Download
1 Overview of the Brazilian Ethanol Industry.pdf
2 Sustainability of Ethanol Blending Programme in India