Workshop on Concentrated Solar Power


Workshop on Concentrated Solar Power : A Potent Option for Grid Power
October 29, 2010 - 9.30 To 17.30 Hours

As part of the DIREC 2010, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) in cooperation with World Bank have planned an exclusive side event for the CSP Sector. The parallel session on CSP is structured to leverage presence of Government ministers, high-level decision makers, policy-level thinkers and CSP practitioners in public and private sector from countries all over the world to discuss, deliberate and exchange their experience regarding specific issues, opportunities and developments in Concentrated Solar Power sector.

The parallel Session will facilitate interactive, moderated discussions to enable participants to:

  • Familiarize with the role and scope of CSP in renewable energy matrix
  • Get deeper understanding of the evolving policy developments in Indian context
  • Appreciate different technology perspectives and new developments
  • Appraise market opportunities and discover markets most suited for business
  • Discuss and exchange views on policy efforts needed to facilitate solar thermal scale up under JNNSM
  • Learn from international experience on how to achieve financial closure of CSP projects
  • Know about industry structure, technology transfer and collaborative efforts underway.
  • Hear and participate in networking opportunities

Key Speakers and Panelists (Provisional) for the CSP event are:

  • Mr Anil Lakhina, CMD, FAST
  • Mr Deepak Gupta, Secretary, MNRE, GOI
  • Dr.FarooqAbdullah , Minister of New and Renewable Energy, Govt of India
  • Mr Salman Zaheer, Programme Director, The World Bank
  • Dr. Michael Geyer, Director, Abengoa, Spain
  • Dr Steve McEvoy, Deputy President, CSIRO, Australia
  • MrChristophFark, MD, SCHOTT Solar CSP GmbH
  • Mr Daniel Chen,  Head-Solar Light Management Business, 3M Renewable Energy
  • Mr. Anil Srivastva, CEO, AREVA Renewables
  • Mr.B.Santhanam,MD,SaintGobain Glass India
  • DrAshvini Kumar, Director MNRE
  • Prof. JK Nayak, IIT Mumbai
  • Ms Anita Marangoly George, Director, Infrastructure and Natural Resources, IFC
  • Ms Natalia Kulichenko, Sr. Energy Specialist, The World Bank
  • Mr Michael Brandes,KFWBankengruppe, Germany
  • Mr SatishMandhana, MD, IDFC Private Equity
  • Keith Lovegrove, Australian National University
  • Mr MajidNamjou, Minister of Power, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Mr Luis Crespo, Secretary General, Protermosolar, Spain
  • Dr Gerhard Styri-Hipp, Head-Energy Policy & Group Leader of Thermal Collector Applications, Fraunhoffer ISE
  • MrGirish B Pradhan, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Power, Government of India
  • Mr Anil Terway, Sr. Advisor and Practice Leader, ADB

For further detail, please contact:
Forum for Advancement of Solar Thermal (FAST) at
Mobile: 9818819849

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3 Financing CSP Projects – Options, Opportunities and Challenges
4 Financing of Large Scale Solar Power Projects
5 Meeting India's sustainable energy goals
6 National Solar Thermal Power Testing, Simulation and Research Facility
7 Reducing the Cost of CSP Electricity Generation in India
8 Setting the Benchmark in Receiver Technology
9 Solar Thermal Electric Plants
10 Solar Thermal Power – Australia, India and the future
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