Workshop on Biomethanation


Workshop on Biomethanation – Upscaling, Challenges, and Opportunities
October 27, 2010 - 10.30 To 17.00 Hours

In an age of low carbon growth strategies, the search for clean energy becomes critical and the backbone of positive change. Developing and developed countries face similar challenges in scaling up green energy solutions. Technology innovations and strategic investments in clean technology increasingly hold the key to many of the promises of a better future.

Urban infrastructure, waste and energy are issues of utmost importance for countries all over the world that is experiencing exponential urban inflows. New answers and new constellations of actors are needed, e.g. utilities and private technology providers working together with policy makers and local government, to face the challenges of extreme energy demand and insufficient supplies.

The overall objective of the Workshop is to further develop the knowledge and understanding of challenges and opportunities (technical, financial, institutional and political) related to mainstreaming and upscaling waste-to-energy success stories. The Workshop will focus on developing and emerging countries’ barriers and challenges to reach wide and large-scale introduction of biogas production and usage. The means used to reach this objective is a session filled with presentations of recent advances in the field and relevant case studies / best practices combined with extensive discussions and panel debates. The event, coordinated by the MNRE and the Government of Sweden, will bring together the most active actors involved in developing biogas for infrastructure, energy, and urban transport.

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Mr. Arati Davis

No. Theme Download
1 Anaerobic Digester Trends in the United States
2 Biochemical Purification Technology
3 Biogas in Europe
4 Biogas in Sweden- the developement of a vehicle fuel
5 Biomethanation – upscaling challenges & opportunities
6 Biomethanation projects in India
7 Demonstration of Biogas Purification and Bottling Technology
8 Development of Biogas Technology
9 Policy Development Requirements for Biogas Upscaling in India
10 Technology Development for Biogas Generation, Purification Bottling and Power Generation
11 The New Renaissance