Tour Name : Delhi - Lutyens & Mughal

Tour Duration: 8 hours
Tour Inclusions: Lutyens Delhi, Qutab Minar, Humayun’s Tomb & Delhi Haat

Tour Description

You begin your tour by visiting New Delhi, which is also known as Lutyens Delhi. The capital of British India was a self-conscious attempt to match the imperial grandeur of the Mughal capital, which you visit later in the day. You will see the Government Secretariat; President’s Palace; Parliament House and the India Gate, built to commemorate 70,000 soldiers who died in World War I. Driving along wide avenues, you will arrive at the oldest monument in Delhi; the utab Minar (tower of victory) built by the first Sultan, Qutab-ud-Din Aibak, to commemorate his victory over the Indian rulers in 1199. You will finally proceed to see Humayun’s Tomb, forerunner to the Taj Mahal in Agra, and considered to be the best example of a garden tomb in India and the first to be built by a widow for her husband. Overlooking the Humayun’s Tomb and Delhi’s prestigious Golf Club is The Oberoi Hotel; your venue for lunch. Later you will spend an enjoyable Delhi-winter-afternoon at Dilli Haat. Spread over a 6-acre area, Dilli Haat is the first permanent fairground in the country showcasing the arts, crafts, handlooms and food of different states. It is an upgraded variance of India's traditional haat (marketplace), beautifully laid out and well maintained. There are about 62 stalls, let out to artisans who rent it for a maximum of 15 days. The atmosphere is livened up with music and dance performances at regular intervals. Altogether, a fun place to spend an afternoon.

Tour Name : Delhi - Essence of Delhi

Tour Duration: 8 hours
Tour Inclusions: Jama Masjid, Akshardham Temple & Bahai Temple

Tour Description

Call it what you will -City of Djinns, Seven Cities, Ever Evolving -it is sure to hold your interest. The more you explore, the more you get involved!

The tour provides you an opportunity to relate to the hearts and minds of Indians as you explore some of the religious and spiritual centers of Delhi, each that leave you awe-struck with their architecture, beauty and grandeur as well. Negotiating your way through the by-lanes of Old Delhi and taking in the colours, smell and sound you arrive at Jama Masjid; one of Asia’s largest mosques. You notice people streaming in and out of the mosque continuously and with the presence of the nearby bazaars, the area is rarely quiet. You are then driven to the breathtaking Akshadham Temple. The scale and the attention to detail of its architecture are fascinating to say the least. It creatively blends the tradition of stone art and architecture, Indian culture and civilization, ancient values and wisdom and the best of modern media and technology. Here you also have the opportunity to have a simple vegetarian lunch at the food court that gives you a sense what home-cooked Indian meal is like. Next you visit the Baha’i Temple or the ‘Lotus Temple, so called because of its design. Not only does it embody the spiritual aspirations and basic beliefs of the world-wide Baha’i Community but significantly in a land of myriad religions, it has begun to be seen as providing a unifying link, bringing divergent thoughts into harmony by virtue of its principle of oneness. Its soothingly quiet Prayer Hall and tranquil surroundings have touched the hearts of
many who seek peace.

Tour Name : Agra - Poetry in Marble

Tour Duration: 8 hours
Tour Inclusions: Taj Mahal & Fatehpur Sikri

Tour Description

A full day trip to Agra is organized for you. You will be driven to Agra in the morning (3 ½ hrs). Pregnant with the dream of ‘seeing the Taj’, it is likely to be your first stop in Agra. No amount of looking it up in books, photographs or internet can prepare you enough to absorb the first impression. It will leave you with a ‘Oh! … My … God!’.

The spell is broken by photographers who offer to photograph you with the Taj in all sorts of fancy and at times trick pictures such as holding the Taj minaret in your hand. There is also this famous marble bench right in front of the Taj where many well known people have perched themselves and got photographed (such as Princess Diana and Bill Clinton … on separate occasions of course!). Stories, true and gossipy alike, add on to your xperiencing the Taj but to appreciate the beauty explore it on your own, unhurriedly. Enjoy a heartening lunch at the Mughal Sheraton Hotel. Visit Fatehpur Sikri, the deserted capital of the former Mughal Emperor Akbar. It was built as his capital but abandoned only 15 years later, supposedly due to shortage of water. In many ways it is one of the most impressive and romantic legacies of the Mughal dynasty. Within the walls you will see some very interesting buildings, which remain in excellent condition 400 years later. Wandering the red sandstone courtyards you travel back in time and can’t help wonder why an emperor builds a magnificent city as an act of gratitude to a saint, makes it the capital of his empire and then, for some inexplicable reason, abandons it.
After the tour you will be driven back to New Delhi.