Parallel Workshops


Parallel Workshops will be held alongside the ministerial conference at the same venue. They will be half and fullday events, which will aim at enhancing participants' capacities and knowledge across DIREC's thematic areas. These events will provide a unique opportunity to the world community to discuss the challenges of a rapid global scale-up of renewable energy, and to address the goals of energy security, climate change, and sustainable development. The proposed parallel workshops will cover technologies including Solar water heating systems, Solar Photovoltaic, Smart Grid, Waste-to-Energy, Biogas production and utilization and Wind, along with issues such as Promoting rural entrepreneurs for enhancing Access to Clean Lighting options, Renewable Energy for Rural Empowerment, Innovative financing mechanisms for mainstreaming Renewables and Sustainable Biofuels Market & Technology Development.

No. Central Theme of the Event Organisation/Entity Date & Time
1 Solar Water Heating Systems: Global Perspectives UNDP Project, MNRE and REEEP 27.10.2010
(14.00 to 18.30)
2. Wind Energy: Leap Frogging to a New Era MNRE -C-WET, GWEC and IWTMA 27.10.2010
(10.30 to 17.00)
3. Strategy for Sustainable Habitats ICLEI, MIRABILIS ADVISORY, TERI, BEE & MNRE 27.10.2010
(10.30 to 17.00)
4 Bio-methanation: Upscaling challenges and opportunities MNRE and Swedish Embassy, SIDA, Swedish Energy Agency 27.10.2010
(10.30 to 17.00)
5. Renewable Energy for Rural Empowerment WINROCK & UNDP ACE Project, SDC & MNRE 27.10.2010
(10.00 to 17.00)
6. Smart Grid Technology Seminar NEDO, MNRE, MoP, JSCA, METI 27.10.2010
(14.00 to 17.30)
7. National Funding Institutions Promoting Renewable Energy – Best Practices and Future Perspectives KfW Development Bank 27.10.2010
(10.30 to 14.00)
8. 3rd International Biofuels India 2010 CII, MNRE, Indo-Brazil Chamber of Commerce 28.10.2010
(09.00 to 17.30)
9. Promoting Rural Entrepreneurship for Enhancing Access to Clean Lighting Options TERI, REEEP, ADB 28.10.2010
(09.00 to 12.30)
10. Concentrated Solar Power; A potent option for Grid Power MNRE, IIT Bombay, FAST, Spain, World Bank C-Step, GTZ and IFC 29.10.2010
(09.00 to 17.30)
11. Solar Photovoltaic Power, Technology and Manufacturing MNRE and SESI 29.10.2010
(14.00 to 17.30)